Next Generation Saas Backup

Cloud Group’s Preferred SaaS Google Workspace and MS365 Backup Solution.

Most Complete Google Workspace Backup

  • Flexible point-in-time restore, high-frequency snapshots & unlimited retention
  • UNIQUE Backup G Suite data with 100% fidelity, including (Shared) Drives document IDs, access permissions and Gmail nested labels
  • UNIQUE Find keywords & phrases in G Suite email backups using Afi full-text Gmail search
  • UNIQUE Instant offline export (direct download) of single items or full accounts
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No Backup Failures
& Data Loss

AI engine handles MS365 & Google Workspace API errors to prevent backup failures. 

Immutable backup format insulated from admin errors and cyber attacks.


Easy UI with instant preview, full-text search & 10+ unique features.

SLA-based backup policies that wipe out management complexity.

Next Gen

2-3x faster performance than competition, scalable to 10,000 users.

Strong roadmap, new features & major updated released quarterly.

Afi and Google Vault: Backup vs Archiving (1/2)

Key differences of Afi G Suite Backup compared to Google Vault:

Afi and Google Vault: Backup vs Archiving (2/2)

DescriptionGoogle Backup for Google Workspace
  • Archiving and e-discovery tool to assist with legal matters and investigations
  • Key features: legal hold, data export for legal analysis
    • Backup & recovery service to protect against data loss due to user mistakes, cyber attacks and malware
    • Key features: backup of all data & past versions, fast recovery with minimal effort
      • Data that matches Vault retention rules is stored in Vault
      • Legal hold overrides retention rules and older data versions may be discarded (only latest version remain)
      • SLA-based protection that guarantees how frequently versions of the data will be backed up and for how long it will be available for restore
      • Data for deleted G Suite users is deleted from Vault
      • Vault doesn’t store Contacts, Calendars, folder structures and other information not required for legal purposess
      • Only latest versions for non-native G Suite files are kept, no history is retained and files can be lost or overwritten without ability to restore
      • All data ever backed up is kept until Administrator says
      • All backed up versions of files are intact regardless of end-user actions and G Suite file formats
      • All key types of data are backed up and available for restore – Calendars, Contacts, structure of folders, rights & permissions
      • Search & bulk download functionality is available – aimed at further legal analysis offline
      • Limited online files preview or browsing
      • Online preview available for Emails, Documents, Contacts and Calendars
      • Navigation tools allowing to search/filter by user, organizational unit, resource names, etc
      • Export tools for legal analysis only, no recovery features (no tools to restore to a specific G Suite account)
      • Data export takes from few hours to days weeks and requires Admin to export & download items offline and then upload them manually to user accounts.
      • Restore functionality allows Admin to recover data in minutes
      • Self-service features allow Admins to delegate recovery functionality to end-users to reduce IT workload

      Intelligent Ransomware Protection

      No Backup Failures

      Radically Simple End-to-end Automation

      Access Control and Security

      Key Afi G Suite Backup Features

      Automated Backups

      Regular fully automated backup runs, resilient to Google API errors

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      Flexible Restore

      Restore data to the same / other accounts, in-place or to a new folder

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      Instant Offline Export

      G Suite backup data instant export in pst, docx & other native formats

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      2FA Authentication

      Native support of Google 2FA for G Suite administrators and users

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      Storage Locations

      Select an Afi backup storage region, or use multiple storage locations

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      AI-based Automation

      Afi uses AI to automate backup & reduce time needed to manage it

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      Browse & restore any prior versions of G Suite data without time limit

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      Configure end-user access to let them restore lost items

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      Data at rest is encrypted with AES256 & TLS 1.2 for data in transit

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