IT Security Risk Assessment

Prevent breaches, with proven digital security

Secure your environment

Cloud Group offers a comprehensive IT Security Risk Assessment to help you identify gaps in your security ecosystem in order to reduce your attack surface area.

Leveraging our powerful tools we can help you reduce the number of attack vectors that could be exploited in order to gain access to your network infrastructure and sensitive data.

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A Security Risk Assessment is a physical on-site assessment of your business and includes:

Introducing the iShield NG5 for Business

iShield is a smart access Unified Threat Management device located at your premises, allowing you to remotely control your entire network from one centralized location.

Several additional procedures are performed including:


your network


your staff’s performance 


unproductive sites


from anywhere, anytime

Tiered approach for businesses

We have a variety of hardware options available to help you manage your customers networks. Each iteration of the iShield is equipped with the same functionality, the only differentiator being the number of users and the internet speed that each unit will support before network degradation becomes prevalent.


SMB Rack



iShield Key benefits for businesses

Remote Access

To your office using a custom free DynDNS name no static IP or third parties required.

Network Identities

Create network identities in order to control guest networks.

URL Blocking

Restrict access to websites. Time-based blocking. Pre-made blacklists.


Set up Virtual LAN networks from the iShield to simplify network management.

Traffic Shaping​​

Limit speed for unproductive websites and prioritize work sites. Prioritize VoIP calls and improve VoIP stability and quality.

Google Safe Browsing

Protection from zero-day attacks and phishing sites.