iShield for Home

Smart access unified threat management device

Is your at-home workforce secure and productive?

iShield Home is a next-generation firewall that does deep-packet inspection including application level inspection and intrusion prevention/detection by utilising intelligence from outside of the firewall. The firewall is also referred to as a smart access Unified Threat Management (UTM) device that is located at your staff’s home, giving you the ability to remotely control your entire network via the Cloud.

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Introducing the iShield NG5 for Home

iShield is a smart access Unified Threat Management device located at your premises, allowing you to remotely control your entire network from one centralized location.


your network


your staff’s performance 


unproductive sites


from anywhere, anytime

A cost-effective solution to help you secure your family at home.

We have a variety of hardware options available to help you manage your customers networks. Each iteration of the iShield is equipped with the same functionality, the only differentiator being the number of users and the internet speed that each unit will support before network degradation becomes prevalent.


iShield Key benefits for Home

Restrict Access

by blocking unsafe/explicit websites or content

Time Conditions

can be set up to restrict/limit internet access at specific times

Camera System Remote Access

with free DynDNS name - no static IP required.

Monitor Usage

by reviewing what family members are doing and how much bandwidth has been used